About Royal Spice


Royal Spice is 5000 square feet of quiet and elegant Zen in a modern Chinese style. We provide nourishing and rich high-quality soup base which contains dozens of Chinese herbal medicines. This is carefully prepared and cooked, so you can have authentic taste and enjoy the nutrition and health effects at the same time. The fusion of Chinese herbal medicines provide healthy nutrients and food therapy in one concept. Our Special Chinese Herbal Broth and Chef’s Special Pork Bone Broth are made with rare medicinal herbs, which are rich in collagen and calcium with high-quality ginseng. The soup has a smooth mellow taste and it is drinkable. Beauty Broth is made with pig trotter and all kinds of natural collagen, which can improve and nourish the skin while strengthening the body. The Mushroom and Fungi Herbal broth is a Chinese precious food recipe that is air-ferried to America. The Authentic Szechwan broth is made with a hundred-year-old hotpot secret recipe that is air-ferried from Chongqing, Szechwan. It will leave a lingering fragrance in your mouth that is very satisfying. All the ingredients are carefully selected and expertly matched. The tender meat will melt in your mouth, the beef omasum is crunchy, the bread and tofu are smooth, and the meatballs are very chewable. The Japanese tea will nourish the heart and smooth your taste buds. We also provide a selection of Dim Sum, desserts, and organic drinks.

Royal Spice蜀王火锅系融合中华千年食疗养生秘方,集正宗大中华传统火锅及日式火锅料理精粹及口碑养生锅物于一体,服务于注重健康美食和全球食客的品质餐厅。周到服务旨在弘扬大中华千年以来“以客为尊,谦逊感恩”的礼仪文化,位于新泽西与曼哈顿交通枢纽Fort Lee, 距乔治华盛顿大桥和哥伦比亚大学仅咫尺之遥,距Jersey City, Edgewater, Englewood Cliffs, Hackensack, Newark, Weehawken, Hoboken等均在10至20分钟车程之内,交通便利并停车方便。

Royal Spice Hotpot is a fusion of a thousand years of Chinese health food therapy with secret recipes passed on by word-of-mouth. This combines authentic Chinese traditional hotpot and Japanese hotpot cuisine in one health pot, our restaurant is focusing on serving quality healthy food and a humble, customer-oriented culture to patrons of all backgrounds. It is located in Fort Lee, which is a transportation hub between New Jersey and Manhattan, and close to the George Washington Bridge, Columbia University, Jersey City, Edgewater, Englewood Cliffs, Hackensack, Newark, Weehawken, Hoboken are within a 10 to 20 minute drive. The transportation is very convenient, and parking is availabl

蜀王纯铜定制的龙头大锅令团体食客食的过瘾,小火锅亦满足个人食客或习惯一人一锅的聚餐。自助火锅all you can eat系列食材丰富任您选择,二十几美元的价格亲民实惠。另备丰富的单点菜式(精选日本和牛、海参等)上等食材满足有额外需求的食客。特制午餐火锅及面点套餐,更令您午餐亦可以实惠价格随意享受丰富的滋补养生汤头食材。
食补乃养生之本, Royal Spice蜀王火锅一生必尝的难忘美味,恭候您的光临! 

Our custom-made large dragon head pot will make group dining enjoyable, and the small size hotpot will also satisfy individual diners who enjoy single pot meals. Buffet, all you can eat hotpot, has all different kinds of choice ingredients for you to select. The price range average around $20 which is very reasonable. We also have an excellent selection of à la carte superior dishes (Premium Thinly Sliced Fatty Beef, Sea Cucumber, etc.) which will satisfy the additional needs of our customers. The special lunch hotpot and pastry set menu will provide an enjoyable nourishing and healthy meal with a reasonable price.

Food therapy is the essence of health, and Royal Spice will be the unforgettable taste of your life. We are waiting the pleasure of your company.